The Kraye Challenge History

Kraye Challenge year 2 Art without Borders pica


The Kraye Challenge Program 


Our projects thus far:

This program was inspired by the UNM Professor, Howard Kraye, who believed students have the passion and ability to transform the world in meaningful ways. He invested in students so they could make their dreams a reality. Many social projects and events were organized through his course and went on to fund various enterprises or philanthropic endeavors.  
2012-2013 -- The Think Green Project ( Click HERE for more information) -- Students sold an eco-sustainability package with useful information on water purification and seed sovereignty.  Supported by CODECE and Arturo Sandoval, the students developed an eco-tourism market strategy for communities in Northern New Mexico.  (Program Manager, Audriana Stark)
2013-2014 -- Outside the Margins Auction ( Click HERE for more information) - Vinyl Art "blanks" were distributed to artists throughout the United States to depict the act of displacement.  Inspired by the Syrian Refugee Crisis, the proceeds went to Art for Refugees in Transition (A.R.T.), and organization dedicated to using art to educate refugee children. (Program Managers, Heba Atwa-Kramer and Audriana Stark)
2014-2015 -- Outside the Margins Book planning -- This year consisted of planning for a book based on the art auction.  (Program Managers, Mina Lee, Rosa Reyes, and Sophie Salcedo)
2015-2016 -- Outside the Margins:  The Blue Book on Refugee Assistance -- The OTM team developed nearly 60% of the content for the book and established partnerships with over a dozen thought leaders and service organizations who are contributing to the book.  The book will be ready for publication in late 2016. (Program Managers, Sonny Haquani and Grace Liu)
2016-2017 -- OTM project, A Global Marketing Campaign on Displacement -- Using the book as a marketing campaign resource, the team will reach out to partners and create events to highlight the role of art in the education of displaced children worldwide. (Program Managers, Sonny Haquani )."